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I'm a retired Yorkshireman with a lifetime love of nature & photography

which for the last few years seems to have developed into

almost purely bird watching & photography!  


You'll probably see me at various sites around the region, usually with

Chloe the dog.  If you do, please come up and say hello.    




(pic of Chloe & me with Gillian Burke - click to enlarge)


Initially, I set this website up to show a few of my Bird Photos but I've now also included a little Birding Information - mainly for the Yorkshire Region.  


Hopefully others may find it useful when considering which sites to visit, how to get there, what to see or simply just to have a look at the pictures!


It's a "Work in Progress" but what I'd like to do is publish my latest photos, show where I've spotted certain birds, give info on some reserves/sites and eventually, maybe even discuss various optics and cameras etc.


Another idea for a new page is "Yorkshire Birding Characters (pics of those folk you often see about!).  Let me know if you want to be included!!


The website uses "Flash" so it might not show correctly on a mobile phone web browser but should be OK on a desktop computer and most tablets.


All pictures shown have been taken by myself - feel free to use them for your own purposes but please give me credit if you do.


A quick word of thanks at this point to all those birders out there who find and report the birds that people like me photograph.   Not only do they put the hours in but "hats off" to them for sometimes spotting and identifying rare species that many people probably wouldn't have even heard of!  It makes my photo job a lot easier when you've got precise directions to a bird!


Sometimes with birding - you don't know where to stop.  Shall I watch/record ones seen in the garden, county, country or anywhere etc.  Personally, I like to concentrate on ones in Yorkshire as there's plenty to see - but I still enjoy an occasional wider trip!


Finally, all input is by myself so any mistakes/inaccuracies are made by me.


Please let me know if you notice anything wrong and I'll amend it asap!



Contact me at e-mail:

Website designed & published - August 2019

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